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GOAL: To use the best available knowledge to define meaningful standards and oversee their dissemination in the public domain


  1. Develop and update Guidelines for treatment of digestive disease
  2. Define Quality metrics for treatment of digestive disease
  3. Work with other DDW societies to derive consensus and create consensus conferences and publications
  4. Contribute ideas and content for a Quality and Outcomes session as part of the annual program

Committee Initiatives:

  • Evidence-based Current Surgical Practice Manuscripts are published in the society’s Journal of Gastrointestinal Surgery (JOGS) and represent an expert interpretation of the latest evidence on best surgical practice and treatment of particular surgical conditions of the alimentary tract. The Health Care Quality and Outcomes Committee solicits authoritative manuscripts of topics that correspond to the annual SSAT MOC course and additional specific topics.
  • SSAT Health Care Quality and Outcomes Panel Presentation at the 2013 SSAT Annual Meeting at DDW

Meeting Schedule:

  • In-Person at the Annual Meeting (at DDW) as well as at the ACS Clinical Congress
  • Via conference calls on an as-needed basis
Health Care Quality & Outcomes Committ

Chair, Term: Jun 05, 2018
Michael E. Zenilman

To see complete requirements and expectations to self-nominate for the Health Care Quality & Outcomes Committ, download the SSAT Committee Handbook.

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