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GOAL: To advocate for patients and Society members to advance treatment of Digestive Diseases, and to nurture the development of SSAT members with expertise in the legislative and political arena


  1. Advocacy within "the house of medicine"
  2. Work with the American College of Surgeons Political Action Committee and other surgical societies in areas of common interest
  3. Coordinate and design the proposed PPAC panel discussions for the SSAT annual meeting
  4. Serve as moderators on any potential panel Moderators are responsible for communicating with speakers, drafting manuscript, and moderating session
  5. Maintain and update the SSAT advocacy site
  6. Write manuscript summarizing panel discussions
  7. Write manuscripts summarizing PPAC sponsored projects
  8. Present ideas for engagement
  9. Read and Score applications for the ACS/SSAT Health Policy and Management Scholarship
  10. Coordinate/Be informed by work of the Healthcare Quality & Outcomes committee

View the SSAT Public Policy and Advocacy Committee Panels:

Meeting Schedule:

  • In-Person at the Annual Meeting (at DDW) as well as at the ACS Clinical Congress
  • Via conference calls on an as-needed basis
Public Policy and Advocacy Committee

Chair, Term: Jun 05, 2018
Ross F. Goldberg, MD

To see complete requirements and expectations to self-nominate for the Public Policy and Advocacy Committee, download the SSAT Committee Handbook.

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