Society for Surgery of the Alimentary Tract
SSAT Foundation 2016 Year-End Report

SSAT Foundation 2016 Year-End Report
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» Frank G. Moody Memorial Fund for Research and Education in Digestive Surgery
» 2016 Career Development Award Recipients
» 2016 Residents and Fellows Research Conference Presentation Awards
» 2016 Invited Speaker Sessions at the SSAT Annual Meeting
» 2016 Mentored Research Award Recipients
» 2016 Traveling Fellowships
» 2016 Master Educator and Clinician Awards
» Foundation Awards Reception Review
» A Look Back at Nearly Three Decades of SSAT Career Development Awards
» Major Gifts Honor Roll
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Officers and Trustees

David W. Rattner, MD, Chair
Jennifer F. Tseng, MD, Secretary
Mary T. Hawn, Treasurer
Susan Galandiuk, MD
Robin S. McLeod, MD
Fabrizio Michelassi, MD
Nathaniel J. Soper, MD
Mark A. Talamini, MD
Selwyn M. Vickers, MD
Charles J. Yeo, MD


500 Cummings Center
Suite 4400
Beverly, MA 01915
Tel. (978) 927-8330
Fax: (978) 524-8890

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Major Gifts Honor Roll

The SSAT Foundation is extremely grateful for its most generous donors who have given $2,500 or more cumulatively, as of November 15, 2016.

Founders Society (gifts of $10,000 and above)
John L. Cameron
Tom R. DeMeester
Josef E. Fischer
John G. Hunter
Paul H. Jordan, Jr.
Keith A. Kelly
Margaret Lee & Al Njoo
Keith D. Lillemoe
Jeffrey B. Matthews
Fabrizio Michelassi
Frank G. Moody*
Carlos A. Pellegrini
David W. Rattner
Pon Satitpunwaycha
Bruce D. Schirmer
Robert V. Stephens
Downing Family Foundation
Massachusetts General Hospital, Department of Surgery
University of Wisconsin, Department of Surgery

Heritage Society (gifts of $5,000 to $9,999)
Stanley W. Ashley
Barbara L. Bass
John S. Bolton
Mark P. Callery
Carlos Fernandez-del Castillo
James E. Goodnight, Jr.
Richard A. Hodin
David M. Mahvi
Robin S. McLeod
Michael M. Meguid
Jeffrey H. Peters
Jeffrey L. Ponsky
Layton F. Rikkers
Nathaniel J. Soper
Andrew L. Warshaw
John Wong
Charles J. Yeo
Benefactor’s Society (gifts of $2,500 to $4,999)
O. Layton Alldredge
James M. Becker
Richard H. Bell, Jr.
Laurence Y. Cheung
Merril T. Dayton
Susan Galandiuk
Judy & Frank L. Hewitt, III
R. Scott Jones
Donald E. Low
David W. McFadden
Kenric M. Murayama
Michael S. Nussbaum
Scott R. Petersen
Jorge Petribu
Henry A. Pitt
Michael G. Sarr
Norbert Senninger
Byers W. Shaw, Jr.
Steven C. Stain
Jon S. Thompson
L. William Traverso
Jennifer F. Tseng
Matthew Walsh
Annals of Surgery, Wolters Kluwer