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An Interview with Dr. Christopher Brandt and Dr. Christopher McHenry

On behalf of the SSAT Resident and Fellow Education Committee, we would like to welcome you to SSAT “Residents Corner”, a video-blog highlighting areas of interest for surgical trainees looking to focus on a career in gastrointestinal surgery.

This month Dr. Sergio J. Bardaro interviewed two interesting surgeons, Dr. Christopher Brandt, Richard Fratianne Professor of Surgery and Chairman of Surgery at MetroHealth Medical Center – Case Western Reserve University, Associate Examiner of the American Board of Surgery, and current President of the Association for Surgical Education, and Dr. Christopher McHenry, Vice-Chairman of Surgery at MetroHealth Medical Center – Case Western Reserve University, past President of Central Surgical Association, Midwest Surgical Association and American Association of Endocrine Surgeons, current Director of the American Board of Surgery and Chairman of the Surgical Oncology Board.

Drs. Brandt and McHenry have spent their entire careers, over 25 years each, at Case Western Reserve University, MetroHealth Medical Center, which is very unusual in the current medical culture. In this video you will hear about their unique experiences and stories. We hope that these inspire you as much as they have inspired us to be proud of our backgrounds and to enjoy our workplaces and profession. We hope you enjoy the interview with these two outstanding surgeons.

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