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Tips for Obtaining the Fellowship I Want
As cited in the June Residents Corner, 70-80% of residents plan to do a fellowship. In previous segments, we have considered,

  • “Do I need to do a fellowship?” (June)
  • “What are the nuts and bolts of fellowships” (July)
  • “What else should I consider before applying for a fellowship” (August)

Now in the September Residents Corner, we consider “Tips for obtaining the fellowship I want.” Based on NRMP data for 2014, of applicants who applied to Colorectal Surgery fellowship, 31.3% obtained their 1st choice fellowship spot, 7.8% their 2nd choice, 10.2% their 3rd choice, 22.7% obtained a spot in greater than their 3rd choice, and 28.1% of applicants did not match.1 Similar findings were found for applicants matching into Surgical Oncology fellowships (see Table). For fellowships through the Fellowship Council, such as Minimally Invasive Surgery, the 2013 match rate for applicants was 64%.2

Fellowship Matches

The two videos below discuss overall tips in obtaining the fellowship of your choice. In creating the first video, Dr. Sanda Tan and Dr. Christiana Shaw from the University of Florida College of Medicine surveyed different fellowship directors, residents going through the process, and their own experiences to offer guidance on a successful fellowship application. Please click here to see the transcript. In the second video, Dr. Daniel Herron, Program Director of the Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York gives a candid overview of how they select who to interview and then who to rank in the match.

We hope that you enjoy and find the information helpful!

Stay tuned in for the upcoming months which will start to cover “Finished with Training, How Do I Find a Job?”


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